Monday, October 27, 2008

Happy Monday to You!

I have no pictures of the work Padre did, so you will have pictures of a "grumpy" huck and a fabulous card from the the older sister. It says, "friend. good." - a famous quote from Frankenstein.
I was quite busy yesterday with a trip to Lowes and then working on the house. Padre helped fix the door that didn't shut quite correctly. It took weather stripping, attempting to bend a metal door and a hot glue gun (Martha would be proud). We also put in a doggy door. The old owners had a doggie door exiting from the garage. We had to replace that door and then we will put one in the door to the garage from inside. The beasts will have to navigate two doggie doors to get outside- hope they plan for urgent potty breaks. The doggie door we replaced took some extra siding, shims, a reciprocating saw and much cheese (the help the dogs figure it out).
I will try to have pictures tomorrow hopefully of the current house projects!


Anonymous said...

The Babe looks so good in Yellow - what a handsome young man. Nice to have a handy man around - but sure miss his Weekender! tga

Anonymous said...

Sounds like exciting times. 2 doggie doors, they are very special dogs. Can't wait to see the progress in a few days.

lanikeller said...

Good thing that your dogs are smarter than my cat. She would *never* figure out TWO doors (even with cheese!)


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