Tuesday, October 28, 2008

The doggie door obstacle course is complete. The beasts must navigate out the door from the kitchen, down the steps, along the garage floor and out the back doggie door. It is only for the bravest of beasts to negotiate and not for a fearful furball.

It took cutting a hole in the metal door to the garage and putting a bit of carpet on the metal part outside the door (for better traction). It is done and now the beasts have to remember to use that instead of repeatedly scratching on the door to go out and inside. I hope they learn soon!


Anonymous said...

Even sausage dog fits through?

Anonymous said...

Love the remodel!!! Your Dad is such a good man. I just laugh when I saw the Babe in yellow peeking into todays blog - he is so handsome. tga

lanikeller said...

I had something witty to say but then I read Kory's comment! Ha! But she has a very small (pin) head for easy navigation!


BreeAnn said...

It looks great!

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