Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Here is the bench that dad built. Isn't it beautiful? The first picture shows the complicated infrastructure and the last shows how wonderful it is. It has an inside floor, piano hinge and is long enough for the husband to lay across. I have to squinch up a bit, but it is possible.
My dad filled the holes and next we will prime and then paint it. I haven't decided on a color (you know about me and paint color selection), but am leaning towards something simple - white perhaps? I then have to get some foam and fabric (you know about me and fabric selection) to make cushions for the top. Then, it is tush ready (or tail ready as I think Sahale might be excited to see we built her a HUGE dog bed).


Anonymous said...

My goodness, dad is a handy guy to have around.

Anonymous said...

WOW!! Your house is getting the "Make Over" I am sure Ron is enjoying it as much as you are. love the latest Babe picture! tga

lanikeller said...

The bench is fabulous. All you need now is a giant eagle to put on the front...he he.

I love that picture of Huckster!!


BreeAnn said...

Awww thats such a cute picture of Huck!! The bench looks wonderful, what will you fill it with?

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