Thursday, October 30, 2008

This picture is not from yesterday as babe is quite relaxed in his grandfather's arms. Babe had a bad day - there was much crying and just as much screaming. We finally got him to sleep and he was a sack of bricks. He then would wake up with renewed energy to scream again. So, a better blog shall be here tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

What a great picture the two guys look pretty proud of each other. Sorry about the screaming yesterday - but time will make you forget and only remember them as perfect Babes!! Hang in there - tga

lanikeller said...

He looks so comfy there...It is hard to believe that he was a screamer!


Anonymous said...

I'm sure he will stop screaming when I arrive tonight! Looking forward to seeing him (and you too.) I'm bringing wrapped b-day presents and I'm going to try to sneak his very large Christmas present on as carry-on.

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