Tuesday, October 7, 2008

On Sunday afternoon, I packed up the car with two beasts, a babe and lots of provisions. We headed up north of Usk, WA for a night of camping. I wanted to see how it would go for a one-night trip before we got cocky and headed for a longer spell.

We met the husband and a friend who were hunting. The babe was bundled up quite nicely as it got a bit chilly. My parents had bought the babe a fleece sack that was fabulous, but I wish it had a hood as his hat would not stay put (yes, I knit it and it is getting a bit small - another with ear flaps will be in the works soon).
We hiked around a bit while the dogs ran amok off leash like wild beasts.

It dipped below freezing, but stayed warm. Sahale slept near my feet and kept them toasty, while babe kept my front side warm. The only hassle was changing diapers - I had stashed the supplies nearby with a flashlight and just knelt over him to do the deed. It worked out fine, but might be easier in a tent. We all (2 humans, one babe and 2 beasts) slept in the Subaru as it rained and we didn't want to deal with a wet tent. It was a great trip! The time in nature left me revived and energized. I am ready for the world now!


Anonymous said...

Great pics. I love both the bundled babe and Brin guarding . . . You are quite an adventurer, almost ready to take the babe climbing at Smith?


lanikeller said...

That is some serious car-camping. 2 dogs, 2 adults, and a baby with messy diapers. I applaud you!


ps. i received a package from you yesterday. i'm waiting to open it!!

Anonymous said...

Glad you GO with babe - makes life better. We camped very early (I recall 12 days old) with Kory , , , , dad

Anonymous said...


I'm proud of you for not shirking despite babe and dogs.


PS The best is that warm heater-like babe on a cold night. The worst, I agree, is wet diapers adding to a cold, damp night.

Allison said...

How can you sleep comfortably in a car? Too hard! I imagine the dog claws would poke holes in an air mattress. I can't believe your infant has already gone camping, in freezing weather no less. Very outdoorsy of you!

Anonymous said...

More hunting pictures...

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