Friday, October 17, 2008

The past few days have seen babe a bit "needy" - needing to be held most of the time. He really enjoys sucking and gnawing on my thumb as seen to the left. My shoulders and back are sore and when I am just about ready to put him on the curb with a sign saying, "free to a good home", he will smile and laugh at me. Mother Nature knew what she was doing making them smile so young...
One way I amused myself was to play around with this link sent to me by the little sister. If you are a Palin fan, you should not click here.


Anonymous said...

What a hungry little - getting bigger - guy Kincaide is - and soooo cute. I am a Palin fan and still enjoyed to site - tga

lanikeller said...

My friend's baby is officially teething at 2.5 months!! Beware and look at the gums for white-ness underneath the skin. Hilarious link huh?


Anonymous said...


It's weird to be getting teething advice from Lani, but I think she's right!

I loved the link!


Allison said...

Don't kick Kinky to the curb! I'll take him. ;)

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