Monday, November 24, 2008

I am trying to be proactive about the holidays this year. Firstly, I have a list of possible gifts going and have purchased one (better than none, eh?). I also took a Christmas picture. In the interest of saving sanity, I sent said picture off to Costco for a card to be made. I know, I know - it is sort of a cop out with my abundance of stamps, markers and all. BUT, I didn't want to have the cards infused with stress and craziness. I want each one to be sent out with love and care - so thank you Costco. I did have to spend time on a photo shoot. I knew it wouldn't be possible for the dogs and the humans all to be at the best during the millisecond click of a camera. Thus, I just chose the most photogenic for the shoot (a.k.a., Huck). This is not the picture I used, but it cracked me up to no end when I saw it. So, I shall pick up the cards today (one day service - woo woo) and begin addressing and all. Maybe, I will even turn on some Christmas music to get me in the spirit!!


Anonymous said...

This pic reminds me of Scamp dressed up as the Russian peasant.

Marnice said...

I am trying not to think about Christmas until after Thanksgiving. What a handsome little guy you have - give him a hug from me -- tga

Anonymous said...

I think he looks like the beggar merchants on Star Wars merchants . . . dad

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