Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Look at these little toes! During Huck's naps, I can knit a bit on them. They are the Express Lane socks and here is the link on ravelry. It is really a quick pattern with lots of knitting and only 2 purl stitches on each row - I like that in a pattern. I actually might keep these for myself. The yarn is so smoochy - it was gifted to me by the older sister for my birthday.

I also watched one of the most hilarious films I have ever seen. I now know that it was one of the Dogville short films that you can catch on MGM. The dogs are dressed up and walk around acting out the story. I saw one about a dog that is wrongly accused for a crime and gets a reprieve right before he gets the chair. It was fabulous and made me cry so hard from laughing!!


Anonymous said...

Dogville - interesting I will have to check it out and TiVo it - nothing like a good laugh - have a good day - tga

Anonymous said...

Do di do . . . dogville sounds very similar to Wishbone. Like the new socks. Huck's rainbow sweater body is done, it just needs arms now.

Anonymous said...


Dogville sounds like hades of Wishbone! No wonder you liked it!


Laurie said...

Been looking for another sock pattern that doesn’t require all my brain at one time.
Thanks Lia

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