Thursday, November 6, 2008

I finally finished a project. They are some teeny, tiny baby mittens. I knit them up quite quickly - with most of the work coming last night while watching the election returns and then Obama's acceptance speech. I enjoyed myself thouroughly upstairs with a sleeping babe, my laptop and knitting (the husband and friend were downstairs lamenting McCain's plight).
They are so cute and so small. So small, in fact, that they won't work for babe's hands. I have some expectant friends that will surely appreciate hand knit warmies for their child.
So, on to the next project. Yes, I could finish my charade socks or the soft scarf. I would rather find something new and exciting to knit.


Anonymous said...

To big or to little looks like they put the Babe right to sleep! I love to see pictures of him - thanks - have a great day - tga

Anonymous said...

Doh, they are soooo cute, bummer they don't fit. Next time you need to have a somewhat smaller babe. Your super soft baby alpaca Christmas gift is almost done . . . toe-up double magic loop socks are back to being done with the toe increases again. Have 3 hours of lectures today, which normally I would be able to knit through, but I'm giving them all.

lanikeller said...

I can't wait till X-mas to see you guys!!


BreeAnn said...

hahaha @ needing a smaller babe, thanks for the giggle, I needed one this morning!! What a cute picture of him, I cannot believe he's growing SO fast!

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