Tuesday, November 11, 2008

I forced myself out of the house and into the world of people that speak real words with grammar and structure. Huck is great and we talk quite often, but I feel our conversations are a bit one sided these days (could be that he is male...). I went to the LLL (La Leche League - breastfeeder extraordinaires) meeting and it was great - there were about 5 mothers and lots of little people.
We discussed weaning and nutrition. One woman's son is now totally weaned at age 6 and another is weaning now at 3. I don't know how long we will nurse, but it is going to longer rather than shorter. Huck was great with one nursing session and one little nap. He loved watching the kids, but I could tell he wanted to run around with them (or at least crawl). Next time maybe... it will be in a month and he will be ready, right?


Anonymous said...

What a great picture of Huck - he is getting bigger and better looking with each picture. tga

Anonymous said...

Good for you for going! Glad you enjoyed it. Another fine pic.

lanikeller said...

No breastfeeding till 6 years old!! I just won't allow it! Pic of Huck with Dad is super cute!


Allison said...

Skyler's still nursing, but he is weaning. He used to always nurse to sleep, but now he nurses and then just hunkers down under the covers with me and falls asleep, unlatched. Yea!

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