Thursday, November 27, 2008

I had a post all ready about how I am a vegetarian and not eating Turkey, but I got up at about 4am with Huck and was listening to NPR. I was rocking and listening to Neil Conan's most relaxing voice explain why we call the American bird after a foreign country (long story - click here). I had Huck in my arms and the room was glowing with my new night light system (white Christmas lights strung on the inside of his closet) and it got me all sentimental.

When I first moved to Spokane (after grad school) and lived with the dog people (we all had dogs and lived in an apartment complex), I had Thanksgiving with friends. She asked us all to go around and say what we were thankful for this year. I still do this - not always out loud, but at least to myself. I am Thankful for my family this year - old family and new family. Most everyone I love is in good health as am I. My beasts seem happy and while the world is in a bit of turmoil, my life seems to be settling.

--if you want reasons not to eat turkey click here.


Anonymous said...

Have a great turkey day!

Anonymous said...

No turkey here - flacos - no sit down dinner - many coming in today for the golf tournament. Yes, in spite of the way the world is turning we all have much to be thankful for - Happy Thanksgiving - TGA

BreeAnn said...

Happy Thanksgiving!!! I don't eat turkey either, but I love all the other comfort foods, and all the baking and time with my family. And I can't figure out what a flaco is, but I do adore the latest huck picture, I love his expressions!

Anonymous said...

Although I love being with my family now for the holidays I do still miss having Thanksgiving with the dog people at the 'ole apartment complex. Good times - all that wine and food and then we would take the dogs out to the park to play. Sigh*

I still make people say what they are thankful for when we host dinner - if someone else hosts I usually cannot get them to do this so I say it to myself and the dogs out loud afterwards.

Glad you had a nice holiday - miss you lot's!

Susan :)

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