Thursday, November 13, 2008

Oh, humongous, pink, furry ball - how I love thee.
I grab onto your side and you make me laugh with glee.
Your fibers tickle my nose
as I kick you with my toes
My fuschia fantasy - I will never tire of thee
Oh, wait, I want to hold my little blue puppy...

Huck has started grabbing things so that he can bring toys closer (to his mouth) and hold onto things. It is amusing to see him work fastidiously for what seems like hours (most likely a few seconds) to grab onto a ring and put it into his mouth. I equate his current coordination to those grabber games with the huge claw that you guide towards the prize, drop it down and hope it picks it up and makes it to the chute. It is exciting to watch though!


Anonymous said...

I can just see the bright eye little guy eyeing the prizes - what a sight! tga

Anonymous said...

Very amusing. I can't wait to see him again . . . on the plane with him . . . for hours! Lol . . .

lanikeller said...

Fun skyping last night! And I also heart that fuscia fantasty!


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