Thursday, December 11, 2008

Babe had quite the busy day yesterday. He had a play date with his best twin friends who are a month younger than him. They played together on their backs, babe tried to eat his hand, they had some lunch and did a bit of chatting. It was so nice! We then headed down to Dr. Kincaid (the pediatrician) for some 4 month shots. He was dubbed, "the happiest baby of the day" as he played during the exam. Babe DETESTED the oral rotovirus vacination and almost wouldn't swallow it. He cried and coughed and even choked a bit. Babe took his shots like a champ with a bit of a scream and then laughing about it when I put the blanket over his face.

Vital Statistics
Height: 27 inches, 95%ile
Weight: 17.95, 90-95%ile

-He was also called, "sturdy" but got a clean bill of health!


Anonymous said...

Another great picture - what a brave not so little guy Huck is. tga

BreeAnn said...

Awww what a precious picture! Glad to hear he's healthy and growing like a weed!

Anonymous said...

I will vouch for him being a sturdy fellow!

lanikeller said...

The heavy-duty legacy continues!!

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