Wednesday, December 10, 2008

It is getting colder around here and I think that I might have to break down and buy the weather shield for Bob. I put the bear suit on the babe and then a little hat - but his cheeks got so rosy that we headed back a bit earlier than planned. He didn't seem to mind as he fell asleep quite quickly!
Today, we are going to spend some time with my friend and then head down to the pediatrician for some fun! Woo Woo - shots are the best! I will let know the babe's stats tomorrow!


Anonymous said...

Off to post the picks on Snapfish. I'll get you the link.


Anonymous said...

That is such a wonderful (Madonna) picture - such wonderful happy and healthy people. That cold air is invigorating!!! tga

Anonymous said...

He is SO cute Lia! Good luck at the child vet's office.....Josephine has her shots as well tomorrow.

Miss talking to you but glad to see all is well with you and Huck.

Susan :)

lanikeller said...

I just looked at all Kory's pics from the trip. He is a photogenic little bear!!

Allison said...

Are you jogging with him yet? I heard that jogging with an infant can cause developmental delays. No jogging until he turns one!

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