Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Little Boy, Big Hat
Babe has developed a bit of a fascination with hats. He loved my little sister's hat and really wanted to put it on his head. We assisted him with it and then forced him to keep it on during a bit of a photo shoot with three different cameras. He looks so darn adorable in it! He didn't like the hat that I knit for him with the strap. In the elevator, he pulled his hand out of the carrier and with quite a dramatic fashion, grabbed tightly to the brim and yanked it from his head. It did crack me up, but it left him with quite a cold noggin.


Anonymous said...

What a great male model he is!!! Just so darn cute. So who got to keep the hat, Lani or Huck? tga

Anonymous said...

Do di do . . . he is smiling more in my pic since I was the first of the three cameras. I'm going to try to upload to Snapfish today.

lanikeller said...

I feel a HUCK- guest of the week coming up shortly!!


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