Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Bob 2.0 with weather shield and handlebar tray. Huck's grandmother in Michigan sent him an early gift and he is excited to try it out. I told him that it has to be in the double digits first, as I don't have a weather shield (only a down coat). He looked a bit bewildered when I pulled the cover down, but then appeared to like looking at the dogs looking at him in the new wheels.

He is wearing his "big boy jammies" in the picture, Those are the pants and shirt sets. He looks so much older and mature... he just needs a little robe like hugh heffner to complete the look.


Anonymous said...

What a great gift!! Hope the weather gets in the double digits soon. tga

Anonymous said...

He does indeed look a bit bewildered, but it should keep him nicely sheltered.


Anonymous said...

Hard to appreciate the clothes in the photo - maybe sometime without the 'windshield"? dad

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