Friday, March 6, 2009


I made Bagels! I mixed the yeast with the flour, boiled for 45 seconds (yes, you boil them before baking) and voila! BAGELS! They are the tastiest thing that I have cooked in quite a while - seriously good stuff here, seriously bad stuff if you are low-carbing it though. Yummo.

Here is the recipe on recipezaar. I followed it exactly - I used 2 T of sugar and for each yeast packet 2.75 tsp. I also just let the mixer knead it for the 5 minutes so I could hold the babe. Now, get off your tush and make some of your own. Or, if you visit me I might be persuaded to make them fresh for you!

I also made microwave chocolate cake that was fantastic. It totally quelled my craving for cake!! Here is that recipe.


Anonymous said...

Do you realize how many calories are in your blog today!!! Frightening - but worth it I am sure - Thanks - tga

Anonymous said...

I amy have to cross the carb-diet line to try the bagels. They look wonderful!


Anonymous said...

Just stopped by this Saturday morning to get my Lia/Huck fix. tga

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