Thursday, March 5, 2009

P is for Park: We took a walk and went to the park again. Huck seems to enjoy the swings, but he look so darn small compared to the structure. I am trying to find that type of seat so I can hook it up in the shop for Huck to swing at his leisure (or when it is raining).

P is for Pedipaws: I wish that we had a picture of the terrified Sahale for a contrast to the commercial of the happy dogs offering up their paws. It seems to work and the sound doesn't bother her. I think it is just me holding her paw that is so offensive (and the smell is a bit offensive to me). Alas, I have a few nails trimmed and I will get the rest shortened later. I am using the Dog Whisperers ideas of exercising them and then using the touch like another dog would do (sort of a claw hand just a touch to the neck). I am also staying calm and assertive - it works much better than the old clippers.


Anonymous said...


Yes, Huck does look tiny in the swing, but on Skype (especially when he grabs for the screen), he looks like a giant!


Anonymous said...

I must say Huck looks much happier than the beast!! tga

Anonymous said...

Huck needs shoes or boots, for the love of god it is cold there. Though then you couldn't see his adorable kankles and striped socks.


Anonymous said...

Thanks to K for helping Lia with the warm thing! Also - putting the beasts O U T for nail trimmings is the way to go GABBY

lanikeller said...

I just cut beast's claws last night!!

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