Friday, April 10, 2009

Babe in the bath! Yes, I am blogging while babe is bathing (that is a lot of Bs). We had a good day, though the weather kept us inside or in the garage on the swing. We did walk around outside the house a bit so Huck could touch the Foliage (he loves botany thanks to toph). We have a big weekend planned with dying Easter Eggs (Huck will be a big help I am sure!) and then Huck is hunting for eggs with his friend on Saturday. I am sure he will be quite good at it!

Here are two recipes that have caught my eye this week! I hope to make the bars soon (the recipe is for an 13 x 18 pan, so 1/2 it if you don't have one that big either) and to find out what the heck farro is for the other! Have a great Easter and see you on Monday!!!

Sugar Cookie Bars with Frosting - I have been craving sugar cookies, but taking the time to roll out all of the shapes and frost each one prevented me from making them. Woo Woo! I can have some now!

Farro With Coarse Pesto - This looked so darn good, but I have to figure out where I can get some Farro and exactly what it is...


Anonymous said...


I love the idea of the repressed pastry chef! The recipe looks great, too, but I about gagged at the thought of putting shortening in my frosting. (Yes, I know that's how it's supposed to be done, but still . . . .)

I'm going to let you try the faro first. Will you substitute vegetable for chicken broth? I anxiously await the results.


mfoote said...

Sounds like a great 1st Easter is in store for the smiling guy in the tub. His bright and smiling face just makes my day - tga

lanikeller said...

Sitting up all by himself in the bathtub. Very impressive!


BreeAnn said...

I'm curious about the Farro too, I know its a grain, I wonder how it tastes?

also, you don't have to put shortening in frosting!! It can be done with out it, and is much tastier with out! I'd be happy to give anyone who wants one a butter frosting recipe or a cream cheese frosting recipe with *no* shortening. Yuck!

Coleen's Recipes said...

Happy Easter to the bathtub boy!

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