Friday, April 24, 2009

Cranky Huck!

(by guest blogger Kory) Huck greeted me with a brief smile or two, but has been quite cranky this evening alternating between screetching, moaning, and trying to catch his breath. He did have a few good moments pulling books off the shelf and in the bath tub. He's become much more aware of his surroundngs, always looking where noises come from and trying to see where people are going. We went out to one of the two restaurants in town where Huck enjoyed refried beans, water, tortilla chips, and lemon.


Anonymous said...

How neat to have a guest blogger! I can't remember that happening before, but it sounds like Lia could use a guest who can deal with a cranky babe. Perhaps the guest blogger could help with the teething--h-m-m, by getting out the beaver as inspiration?? Take care and have fun.


Anonymous said...

Poor little guy - hope he gets to feeling better soon. How nice to have his aunt there to help. tga

lanikeller said...

I'm so jealous that Kory gets to be there. I just watched the video of Huck feeding the dogs. Hilarious!


BreeAnn said...

Feel better soon Huck!

Coleen's Recipes said...

Teething is such an all consuming part of babyhood. Hopefully, once the teeth start to break through, he'll feel more chipper.

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