Tuesday, May 19, 2009

My mother completed the Gold Nugget Triathlon on Sunday and did quite well! Huck cheered on his grandma, when not on botany tours with his grandfather. It was a beautiful Alaskan day without a cloud in the sky. The sun was shining so brightly that my mom got a bit of a sunburn. She has a tattoo of her number that isn't burnt where they marked her arm. How amusing! Hopefully, Huck and the new babe will help me train for the race next year! Isn't my mom quite inspirational? My cousin Gretchen cut almost an hour off of her time from last year - that is amazing as well, eh?


Anonymous said...

The most fun was having all of you at the finish line!


Anonymous said...

Your mother is an amazing woman - I always tell everyone about all she does - we are blessed to have her in our lives. Go Gretchen - cutting off an hour is huge!!! tga

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a great Alaskan day.
Congrats mom!

BreeAnn said...


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