Wednesday, July 29, 2009

I came home from the playgroup to my mother saying that something terrible had happened. Apparently, we had captured another squirrel and the dogs were going CRAZY. She had moved the trapped animal out of the fence, but that just seemed to incite the dogs further. I came to the rescue - we drove out to a large wooded area and after a while of trying to figure out how to release the door, it sprung open and the tiny animal SPRUNG out of the cage. It was amazing - he should sprint in the Olympics.

Totally unrelated, but my mom snapped this picture of Huck reclining with me on the rocking chair. We shared some popcorn before bed and he was so comfy.


Anonymous said...

Kincaid is such a precious little boy. Such a shame that we can't hold him--only in our hearts.
GG Calder

Anonymous said...

Ah, the squirrel relocation program marches on.

Anonymous said...

As always great pictures and great posts thanks for being so faithful and keeping us all up on the happenings in your life. tga

Lanora said...

Funny - I feed my squirrels almost daily to get them to hang out at my place!

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