Wednesday, August 26, 2009

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We just got back from our nightly (supposed to be at least) dog walk. Huck enjoys being outside and never puts up a fuss when on the walk. His favorite part is when my dad stops along the path to pick some raspberries - his favorites are the gold ones, they are a bit sweeter for sure. I also give him a piece of "botany" to hold as well - a leaf, branch or piece of grass. He waves them around, kicking and smiling. Such an outdoor boy!!


Anonymous said...

Do you take all 3 dogs? Looks like the outdoors is the place for Huck to be. The yellow raspberries sound yummy! tga

Anonymous said...

Thanks to Toph for introducing him to botany at such a young age.

lanikeller said...

Botany = a family favorite!

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