Thursday, August 27, 2009

Huck loves bath time and when I ask him if he wants a bath, he does the splashing motion. It is hilarious. He loves to play with his toys - the squirting alligator (or crocodile) , his stingray, the measuring cups and a wash cloth. He stays in for quite a while and it seems it would go on indefinitely if I would allow. Huck also likes his little massage with lotion afterward. When he was a baby, I used the Johnson and Johnson lotion, but he got little bumps on his arms and legs. I had to switch to Aveeno and it makes his skin silky smooth. The kid gets better "products" than I do!


Anonymous said...

It's too bad you couldn't add the great sound effects from Huck's bath!

Your mom

Anonymous said...

The dark eye bathing beauty is so cute. tga

Anonymous said...

Water boy, nature boy . . . what isn't he except a big brother and you will soon remedy that.

twist said...

We had to spell the word "bath" with Caleb - if we said it out loud, he would run upstairs & get naked. If we weren't ready to bathe him then & there, he'd get so upset. We still spell it, out of habit.

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