Tuesday, September 15, 2009

We braved the cool weather (42') for one last boat ride and fishing expedition. Huck was soo good on the ride down the river holding onto the rope that my grandpa was holding. He tottled around on the shore at the first fishing location and then played in the sand at the second. We reeled in some rainbow trout, dollys and a white fish. Some silly old and way past their prime red salmon also ended up on shore, but were quickly scooted back out to sea. Huck fell asleep on the boat ride home as my dad navigated the gauntlet - the river was so low and he had to maneauver around trees, branches and rocks. He is quite a good driver.

(huck didn't ride anywhere with the seat belt on - I just used it to keep him in the truck while I helped load stuff up)


Anonymous said...

I'm so glad you had one last glorious fishing trip. Next year Huck will need his own pole.

You mom

Anonymous said...

The pictures are great. It looks like a day well spent. tga

Anonymous said...

He looks like an Alaskan boy all right.

lanikeller said...

Ha! You literally strapped him down!

BreeAnn said...

he looks so big walking around on the shore!

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