Wednesday, September 16, 2009

I love this picture of Huck taken by the older sister. He looks so old and regal with the flowers and holding his chapstick. He has not been sleeping very well and it could be due to a little virus so I am trying to cut him some slack.

Here are a few links of goodness:

1. These pictures of little babies are amazing and adorable, anyone want to fly up here and take some of the new babe? I am not sure that I will have time...
2. This site has a new amazing deal for a kids product every day - I haven't found anything that I need yet, but the deals are rather amazing.
3. A recipe for homemade toaster strudels - I haven't made these yet, but they do make my mouth water!
4. A sweater that I might knit for the new little one to come. I still have to knit Huck a little beanie for winter and maybe some mittens and a hat for his good friend.


Anonymous said...


You're such a good mom. I never ever thought about knitting or making anything when you girls were babies; it was all about survival!

Your mom

Anonymous said...

It looks like Huck is "manning up" to be a big brother. He is such a wonderful gift to all of us. tga And of course so are you Miss Sunshine!!

Anonymous said...

Hmmm, don't remember taking that pic at all . . . he does look older than his years (well, his year).

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