Monday, March 5, 2012

Boys Gone Wild!

We loaded up the boys and sleds to head over to the Iditarod Tailgate Party.  

I pulled them through the amazing winter weather.  It was snowing huge flakes and was warm!

We brought food and I used an umbrella to keep the snow off the donuts.

Wasn't it beautiful?

Lance Mackey passed by us with a "drink" in one hand and a sandwich in the other!

I loved watching the dogs go by us.  Hugh Neff was dressed up as The Cat in the Hat and his dogs all had red and white striped coats.   He said we looked like Munchkin Land!

Kincaid loved the donuts, but Duke didn't like the ones with nuts as "they are too spikey"

He did enjoy the chocolate ones though.

Sunday was another amazing day with sunny and clear blue skies.  Duke fell asleep in the sled again.

Just look how amazing it was - there are two moose snoozing in the bottom left corner.

Kincaid and Nam scaled the huge snow mountain ridge.

He is saying, "king of the mountain".  Sal is resting from pulling the kiddos and then running wild at the dog park.

On our way home, we had to hug the fence to avoid this moose.  I took a picture after we got safely on the other side. 


Anonymous said...

I can't believe it's below zero this morning when it was so beautiful and warm yesterday! Look at that sun in the pictures.

Your mom

Anonymous said...

The pictures look like a snowy wonderland. A day well spent for sure - thanks for sharing. xoox tag

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