Thursday, April 26, 2012

Bare Feet

We are having an amazing string of warm and sunny days.  They boys are also continuing their streak of days with lots of screaming, fits and fighting.  Ah, independence is fantastic.  

I force them out as that is about the only time they are not constantly fighting.  They had to have their shovels as usual.

The new excitement was finding the storm drain.  They followed the stream of water from our house to the corner and played here for a bit.  

Kincaid fell asleep on the walk home.

Obviously, the other child had no intentions of sleeping.

We had a nice chat on the steps - he shared his "snack" with me. 

I loved the contrast of the snow and flowers poking up in the garden.

He takes after me with a love of bare feet.  You can see the large pile of snow yet to melt.  It could be a while!  At least the kiddos will have lots of time to use their shovels!


Anonymous said...

Bare feet? Happy days are here again.

Your mom

Anonymous said...

Looks like summer can't be that far away! tag

Fata Morgana said...

Bare feet are the BEST. I too look forward to shedding my winter feet shackles!


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