Wednesday, April 25, 2012


We started out the day by holding rainbows in our hands.  Doesn't it sound poetic (even if it isn't in focus?).  

We headed out to skedaddle and got there early.  The boys had a good time shoveling snow, playing in the woods and rocks.  

It all went downhill when the masses arrived. They played for a little bit, but then wanted to go home.  I forced them to stay for a bit longer and then they retreated to the safe haven of the car where they ate some cookies.

They were much more comfortable in here.  I talked to some friends and finally let them go home.  They fell asleep on the way home and stayed asleep for quite some time.  It was amazing and quite nice.  I don't know how they will get to sleep tonight.  I must say that their behavior is so much better when they are rested and fed (but then isn't everyone's?).


Anonymous said...

I want to hold a rainbow in my hand, too!

Your mom

Anonymous said...

We are out the door heading to Idaho. xox

Coleens Recipes said...

Exhaustion makes us all grumpy.

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