Thursday, April 19, 2012

Escaping the Quarantine.

Duke's new love of jumping off the bench.  He always "has" to put on his shoes and you can see his underwear.  

Two sleeping boys on the trail as I rested my weary bones.

I busted us loose from the confines of the sick house.  The snot continued as did the TB like coughing so we steered clear of other people.  I started out pushing them to the dog park and after a short return trip for a second shovel (apparently you need a shovel to take a walk) we got to the place where we usual head into the park.  It looked snowed in so I took us around to the playground where they wanted to play.
We built some boats today with scraps.  They "helped" a lot.

I muscled them through the deep slush and they didn't want to play at the playground.  They wanted to go to the lake so I spent about an hour pushing them to another entrance to the park and back to the river part.  They were both asleep.

Yes, I set up this photo and it made me laugh considerably.

Oh well, I pushed us home and at least Sal got to run off leash for a bit.  My thighs, tush, back and arms could really feel the burn.  I wonder how many calories you burn pushing 70+ pounds of kiddo through 5 inches of slush and snow?  Enough for another cookie?  I hope so.

Duke fished while we grilled burgers (and fake burgers) for supper.

The boys also got fine haircuts at our friend's house.  She does an amazing job even with the kids twisting their head this way and that.  Pictures tomorrow of two handsome young men.

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Anonymous said...

I agree; the guys on the boats is hilarious!

Your mom

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