Friday, April 20, 2012

Fun and Mud at the Beach

I really did post this last night, but blogger must have not enjoyed it for some reason.  I took the boys to Point Woronzoff for a beach day.  This was the first 'shipwreck' they found (it is an old car).

They loved splashing in the water.

Digging a big hole seemed to be the best thing ever, until....

They found a huge 'tide pool' that went over their knees.

They got tired and had to dig sitting down.

It was good we went down there on letter day "I" as there were Icebergs in the Inlet moving very fast.

There were huge slabs of snow / ice.  I made the boys walk around them in case they split off and crashed.

It couldn't have been much more beautiful.

They did walk between as Kincaid wanted to check out what was in the crevasse.

Duke doing an urban pose.  (Mom, it says EHS 2012 Bit**)

I need longer arms, but it was a great morning!


kory said...

Looks delightful. Glad you were able to get out and about.


Anonymous said...

I'll talk to my students about that graffiti!


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