Monday, April 23, 2012

Snow Geese!

I was interested to see the migration of Snow Geese and gathered the boys up and headed out to Potter Marsh (I always thought it was Potter's, but no).

I thought they were beautiful, but the boys were not interested at all.  

They were quite interested in the posters that had pictures of salmon.

It was so crowded out there.  Lots of people with HUGE lenses.

They had fun looking through the viewers, but liked the wrong end better.

They also enjoyed running wild on the boardwalks.  I liked that they couldn't get lost or fall into the water that they so wanted to fish in.

I think they liked the little trail to the side of the parking lot better.

It had a bridge over a tiny drainage in which they fished for quite a while.

The forest was awash in downed trees and dead branches that made fantastic fishing poles.

Kincaid tried climbing this one, but found a "perfect" fishing pole and got side tracked!  It was a great day all in all!


Anonymous said...

Their red jackets make them perfect photo models. What a great day to be in the marsh.

Your mom

Anonymous said...

Jon loved this post and the matching jackets.

Anonymous said...

Looks like the boys are feeling better. What a great way to celebrate! Love the Potter March pictures. Thanks! tag

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