Monday, April 30, 2012


We packed up on Friday to have a picnic at the beach.  It was another sunny and warm day to our delight.  

Kincaid had fun climbing this "mountain" with some friends that came along for the afternoon.  

Of course, Duke enjoyed playing in the water.  The tide was in as far as I have every seen it. It was just a few steps from the sand and there was no mud for slipping and sliding, which was nice for a change.  Just rocks, sand and water!

There also was a bit of ice!

They climbed on the ice bergs.

Kincaid climbed into the crevasse and did a self rescue.

The boys also helped Bop with some yard work.

Gloves were a necessity.

Such a good helper.

They also helped with some errands.  I found them in the scarf section...


Anonymous said...

What lucky guys they are to have a mom who takes them to ice bergs and water . . . and scarves

Your mom

Meg Aurora said...

The pic of duke on the edge of the water is fab, so beautiful!

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