Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Cheney Lake

Happy May Day!  
Yes, the tradition continues with the Keller Family.

We went to Cheney Lake for our first time this season!  It was still a bit ice covered.

A fisherman eating provisions.

The bike trail was overrun with water in this place.  I had to put on my boots for this water crossing.  It wasn't too deep thankfully.

They both did quite a bit of fishing.  They were out for Pike (it is an invasive species you know...)

He wanted to do some spear fishing, but couldn't find a good and sharp spear.

Duke was just recreational fishing.

I loved this part.  Such a great place to fish (and for me to knit while sitting in the stroller).

This was a great catch - an "eel".

I ran them back and they were sleeping.  Bliss.


Anonymous said...

I love the "resting after a tough day of fishing" picture. Of course, all the rest are great, too.

Your mom

Anonymous said...

Those fishermen were sure worn out! Great pictures, thanks! tag

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