Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Spring has Sprung!

It was one of those amazing spring days where we were outside more than inside.  We started off with skedaddle at a park with an amazing backdrop. I need to remember sun glasses for the kiddos - it was so sunny!

We stayed for over 2 hours.  They did each take a bit of a break to have a chocolate sandwich and goldfish though.

They ran on the snow.  It was amazingly hard and I didn't even punch through.  They pretended it was a glacier with crevasses and also an ocean with choppy water.

There also was quite a bit of eating the "snow food".

I love this shot of Kincaid in the green tunnel slide.  It was oddly designed as most of the children had to actually crawl down it.  I was proud of myself - I went down it too.  We came home so they could eat some shrimp and then we headed out again for puddle time.  So much fun.  


Anonymous said...

Ahhhh, outside days are great.

Anonymous said...

I wish I could have joined you.

Your mom

Meg Aurora said...

Kincaid looks great in green!

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