Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Artists at Work.

To keep the wild things pacified, we did some art.  I rolled out the long paper and brought out the crayons.  It worked for about 10 minutes, but that was a nice reprieve.

 They each drew their own masterpiece, but then Duke wanted to add things to Kincaid's drawing and it irritated Kincaid.
 I was quite impressed with Kincaid's drawing of lots of fish.  Some had big tails and others were small.  Some even had noses.  He then drew a line through almost all of the fish and he told me it was the venom.
This is Duke's drawing.  He had some lovely color choices and showed off his new skill of drawing circles.  Duke still seems to use his Right hand and Kincaid more often uses his Left hand.  I have never taught someone to play baseball left handed, so it might take some work!  


Anonymous said...

I really enjoyed this blog, especially after seeing the actual finished product.

Your mother

Anonymous said...

So where are you going to hang these amazing works of art! Have a great day! tag

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