Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Climbing Mountains and a Fishing Hat.

Skedaddle was at a park with wonderful equipment, but the boys didn't touch it.  They found the huge hill irresistible.  It was really tall and quite steep.  I had to keep telling them that if they slipped or felt like they were going to fall, to fall forward so they didn't go head over heels to the bottom.

They made it to the top unscathed (twice).  There is a fabulous view from the top of the inlet and mountains.  

It was a great day with two of my favorite people in the world. 

We got home and after lunch Kincaid said he needed a lure in his hat to be a real fisherman.  Instead of a nice fly or small lure, he needed this green squid lure.  It looked great.

We played in the yard for a long time and let Sal out with us.  Kincaid loved saying, "Hup" and watching her leap onto the rock.  She is a mountain dog too!


Anonymous said...

What a great day for all three of you! It's no wonder the boys are so happy.

Your mom

Anonymous said...

Great pictures of Summer time in Alaska. I love the cap with the fishing lure. Very stylish! tag

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