Thursday, May 17, 2012

Naked Toes.

We brought out the bikes.  It wasn't as successful as I wished.  Duke mainly ate his cracker and "lounged" while Kincaid took a few runs down a little slope to help with pedaling.  He then fell off onto his fanny and called it quits.  Oh well, they love running.

We walked over to the dog park and they had a great time wading around in the water.

They took off their boots, but quickly decided it was too cold.  That is Kincaid's realization and pulling his feet up and out.

This was my view on the walk home.  Feet dangling and having a great time in the Wump.  Bliss.

They did watch a show in hopes of a nap (no luck).  They do both sit in the chair now, but you can tell who gets the more comfortable position.  Sorry, Lu, it is the best I could do. 


Anonymous said...

The blog made me laugh out loud this morning. You take wonderful pictures and the titles encapsulates the day.

Your mom

Anonymous said...

Great blog, great pictures of great times tag

Fata Morgana said...

At least they can share tight spaces though, right? :)

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