Friday, May 18, 2012

Boots were made for walking.

 The hike this morning from along the Coastal Trail.  Kincaid ran and ran and ran.  His face was flushed and he kept running.
 It was a gorgeous day.  I wore shorts and it was a bit optimistic and chilly in some places.
 Duke did some walking, but most strolling so he could better eat his sandwich. 
 I should have taken video so you could hear the boys howling in the tunnel. 
 Duke rode on my back for a while too. It was really a great day.
Duke then was mad at me because I wouldn't let him walk outside in Nam's boots.  He could barely move- he looked like he had two full casts on.  Amusing to me.  

This weekend will be wild with the Triathlon on Sunday.  I just hope to make it the whole way!  Maybe I can convince mom to give me a piggy back ride...


Anonymous said...

I'll be the one needing a pig!

Your mom

Anonymous said...

Great pictures, I especially love the Boots pix. Good luck with the race this week end. It is amazing what great shape both you and Trudy are in. I will be thinking of you both. tag

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