Friday, May 25, 2012


It was quite a grey day.  I decided to opt out of our usual hike as my knee has not miraculously healed itself yet.  The boys and I ended up going out to Birchwood and going on a walk.  They walked all the way to the inlet, down the beach, along the river and then back.  A long walk for them!
The boys really like it out there and I completely understand.  

How could anyone be unhappy with mud, the water, mountains, the trees and no people?

There also were these amusing, lime green pussy willows that made me smile.  

I love this picture of them by the river.  They so wanted to go down, but the banks are so darn steep.  

We did find a little island.  I carried them across as it was just to the top of my Bogs, but not over.  Duke was spear fishing and Kincaid tossed sticks into the water.  He so wanted to catch a grayling.  

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