Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Bore Tide

 I encouraged the family to go and watch the bore tide.  I haven't ever seen one and as the temperature was in the 60s I thought it was the perfect time. 

 We left super early to secure a spot at Bird Point, but apparently not early enough.  It was full so we pulled off at the first pull out and called it good.
 It was serendipitous!  The spot had lots of grass and friendly tourists.  One nice couple with a dog named McTavish offered the boys a cookie.  Kincaid took one and said, "thank you" started to go and ran back and grabbed another saying, "two is the limit."  That is what I tell him at home and he generalized.

We found a path through the trees and walked down to the bike trail.  The kids ran, tossed rocks and found sticks.  Duke even found a huge waterfall that felt so nice on my feet. 
Bop was a great sport and carried Duker on his shoulders.

 The nice gathering at our spot along the highway.
 Duke said we missed the wave, but I think it was due to his binocular method.
 Duke did the old one-eye method only people with one good eye and one bad eye understand.
 This is the waterfall Duke found for us.  He said the water tasted bitter.
 The long awaited wave!  It was pretty cool to see it moving across all at once and never stopping.
Just another shot of the wave and mountains.  It could not have been a better day, except I think that I might have a bit of sun burn!


kory said...

Very cool and what a gorgeous day!

Anonymous said...

I'm glad you captured the memories of a glorious afternoon.

Your mom

Fata Morgana said...

Epic afternoon indeed!


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