Thursday, June 7, 2012


 The boys had a grand time at Fred Meyer riding around on top of the bags of soil.  Yes, it is the epitome of unsafe cart practices.  Yes, the boys enjoyed it immensely.
 They have really been wanting to get sardines or anchovies.  Someone told them they had heads and tails on in the package and that they could eat them whole. 
 Unfortunately, these sardines were filets.  I think that I need to find anchovies.  I will check to make sure they are labeled as whole. 
 Kincaid wasn't too wild about them.  Bop put them on saltines as a special treat.
 Duke chowed down and loved them.  He really just scraped the fish off of the cracker.  He ate all day - the sardines, soup, goldfish, edamame, cake, soup and so much more.  The smell of sardines finally left the house after opening the doors, spray air freshener and taking out the trash.  My mom said she ate them as a child, but always outside.  I understand completely.
This amused the children for quite a while.  My mom put water balloons on their fingers.   Great fun!

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Anonymous said...

Those are Jon's favorite treat! I think I should make him eat them outside too.

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