Thursday, June 14, 2012

Fuddles of Pun!

 What should we do?  There could be puddles! Enough said!!!
 Kincaid ran laps through all of the puddles.  I chased him and he chased me. 
 Duke mainly caught eels and then released them.
 They had a great time.  I love watching them playing outside. 
 Kincaid really tested the limits of his "wing suit".  He did get wet, but only after being in this position for quite a while.
 We then had to end our walk with a worm hunt.  Yes, we accomplished our mission.
 I loved Kincaid's expression.  I do want to say that no worms were harmed in this outing.
It was successful!


Anonymous said...

Fabulous pun fuddle pictures!

Your mom

Anonymous said...

How fun! The boys are getting so big! What cutie-pies!


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