Monday, June 11, 2012

Weekend of Fun

 We had a lovely lunch at Road Runner.  Well, I ate a lovely lunch and the boys mainly played in the little river.  We saw many bikers and a few kayakers heading down the river.
 It plum tuckered out poor Duke.  He fell asleep reading a book.
 We went to the Saturday Market. The boys got fish cookies.  Duke at the frosting off of his cookie and Kincaid ate the cookie off of the frosting.  We tried to find the Pride Parade, but didn't walk far enough.  Alas, the boys were happy with a hot dog.
 We spent some time at Birchwood and planted the garden.  The boys were astounded when they found carrots immediately after planing the seeds (they were from last year).
 Duke drew a million fish - those oval shapes.  He will spend hours drawing them.

 It plum tuckered out Kincaid.  Such an angel when asleep.
 We helped celebrate my cousin's birthday and the boys ate some ribs.  Yumm.

They also had a great time on the swing, or helicopter if Duke was driving. 

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Anonymous said...

It's so fun to relive it all again through your great pictures.

Your mom

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