Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Dog Park

 It was a really long day.  The boys were both tired and that meant fighting. I had to keep them outside in order to keep them from killing each other.  Here is Kincaid on the look out for Nam.
 I had to keep hold of each boy so they didn't land head first into the lake.
 Walking through the trees around the Dog park.
 You can see a heron near the middle right.
 The heron is near the bottom middle.
 They did some more fishing at the other side of the lake.
 Kincaid needed to take a little rest on the way back to the house.
They also had to pick some of their favorite flowers - dandies.  Nam found a bluebell, but they were not impressed.

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Anonymous said...

I can't believe you actually got a photo of the blue heron in flight. I could hardly see it.

Your mom

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