Monday, June 18, 2012

Whirl Wind Weekend!

 There was a sand castle beach party at Goose Lake.  We had an umbrella for rain protection and to keep the wind off the kids. 
 They waded right in and had a great time!  I was just crossing my fingers that they didn't trip and need me to wade in for a rescue. 
 A mom and baby moose were across the lake - totally undisturbed by the hundred or so screaming children on the other side.  They just happily munched and munched.
 Duke enjoyed relaxing inside the hole that we dug into the sand.
 I jogged us over and back - I had the wump packed to the gills.
 This was our first visit of the weekend to Birchwood.  They really wanted to swim, but decided the creek was much to cold.  I agreed.
 They also thought the sprinkler was too cold.  I also agreed.
 Duke had a great time drawing fish while in the nudisty.
 We went to the Botannical Garden Festival.  The boys watched as the nice intern showed them what happened to the waterways when sand, unscooped dog poop (chocolate sprinkles) and car oil (soy sauce) gets swept into the water by rains.
 They sat on every bench in the place.
We visited Birchwood again and I couldn't show many of the pictures as there was quite a bit of nudity.  I did have a great shot of Kincaid teaching Duke to pee outside.  We roasted hot dogs and marshmallows.  Such a great day!!!

We didn't get to have a Father's Day Celebration out there as Bop had to work.  Just a shout out to him as he is such a wonderful father.  I can't imagine where I would be right now without him and his support.  Thank you bopper!!! 

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Anonymous said...

You sound like you were very busy this weekend, how nice. I,m so excited, only 25 more days until I finally see and meet you in person. It has been 4 four long years and I can hardly wait to meet my precious little great grandsons see your Mom once again. Hurrah..GGma

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