Friday, November 8, 2013

Just a Thursday

 We still are snowless in Alaska.  It was chilly today.  We headed out for our walk and the thermometer read 30 degrees.  After about a block, I realized that I didn't factor in the windchill which was a doozie!
 I had to take cover in the stroller with a blanket as Duke made a shelter at the dog park.  I forced him to start walking agains after Sahale started shivering a bit.  I might have to knit her a sweater!
He had a great day at school.  I found a construction paper heart in his backpack from a girl in his class.  It made me smile!


Anonymous said...

The pictures are great, as usual. I'm a little worried about girls already sending hearts to Kincaid, though, he didn't seem to care.

Your mom

Anonymous said...

Super great pictures and story of the day!
xox tga

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