Friday, April 4, 2014

Friday is here

 Another quick post before the Nyquil kicks in and sends me to sleep.  Here are Kin and Duke on the way to school.  They were 'climbing along the coast of Alaska'.  They need to wear snow clothes to school and then rain clothes on the way home.  So much gear.  Some women dream of a walk in closet with shoes and hand bags.  Mine would have a section for fleece, rain gear, outdoor skirts, coats... That would be heavenly!
Then a picture of my best guess at why Bop's back is constantly in pain.  He is playing 'boat'.  The kids tell him where to sail to and he rocks back and forth until they get there.  Here, Kincaid is the captain and Duke is a ninja turtle before it got mutigen all over it.  Good stuff to watch.  

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Anonymous said...

Looks like there is still a lot of snow! All three of those guys look pretty rough! Enjoy the day! tga

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