Thursday, April 3, 2014

portage lake

I totally forgot to blog last night.  I was working on Triathlon 'stuff' and neglected to post.  My friends and I went out to Portage and hiked across the lake.  They made it to the glacier, but Duke was not feeling so good and we turned back.  It was gorgeous!

I could have stayed out there all day.

Duke napped most of the way.  He has a cold (we all do) and needed a rest.  I should have brought the larger sled!

He did not want to take a picture with me so he hid under the sled.

We did some shoveling after school.  There is a huge slab of ice and the kids were helping get rid of it.  

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Anonymous said...

They say a busy life is a good life - yours must be great!! Do NOT worry when you don't post - we understand how busy you are! xoxo TGA

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