Monday, May 12, 2014

Friday through Sunday

 Duke and I on a bike ride for bike to school day.  We biked to the river.  He had amazing stamina!
 Here Duke is at our Bike Day for our Friday group.  Very nice day!

A friend was tracing their bodies on the ground.  I thought the picture was pretty funny.
I took the boys to the lake for Mother's Day.  It was warm, but they had fun being brave in the cold water.
We paddled around for a bit.
My paddlers needed a little practice as we kept going in circles.  It was fun though no fish were caught.


Anonymous said...

Yes, I, too was relieve that we weren't gutting fish yesterday! Good job--great day of fishing with no sliming involved. You're a darn good mother.

Your mom

Anonymous said...

What great pictures - they always tell the story of life in Alaska at it's best!!
Hope you had a great Mothers Day for both you and your Mother! tga xoxo

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